Ovais Ahsan

Executive Director, Head of Equities


Ovais Ahsan brings over 18 years of experience in capital markets specializing in equity sales and trading with broad based exposure in equity markets of Middle East, North Africa and Frontier Asia. He has served in senior management capacity including C-Suite positions with major local and global brokerage firms including JPMorgan Chase, Renaissance Capital and JS Global Capital. He has an extensive relationships with regional and global investment firms including long only/hedge funds, sovereign funds and bulge bracket global investment banks. He was instrumental in setting up the the sales trading and execution arm of the JPMorgan’s Pakistan office. Ovais Ahsan was voted best in Sales Trading category while working at JPMorgan for regional execution 2007-2008 by Asia Money Poll. Before joining BMA Captial, Ovais was serving as CEO of Optimus Capital Management.