Corporate Governance

BMA Capital understands that strong corporate governance is essential for the efficient functioning of markets. BMA Capital ensures an environment of effective oversight and strong accountability in order to adopt a high level of transparency, accountability and fairness. BMA strives to maximize investor returns and long term productivity growth through adoption to the highest standards of Corporate Governance. The enforcement of the Corporate Governance Code has helped in minimizing the operational risk and, hence, ensure sustainability, effective and productive use of the company assets, and safeguard interests of BMA Capital stakeholders, including customers, employees, suppliers, community and shareholders.

Transparency and Accuracy
Ensure adequate disclosure and transparency of all the relevant information to all stakeholders of the company, especially related-party transactions.

Responsibilities and Duties
Clearly communicate the roles and responsibilities of all the relevant personnel including supervisory, regulatory and enforcement authorities. The Board should set out and enforce clear lines of responsibility and accountability of the top management.

Eliminate conflicts of interest
Align the interests of Board-Management-Shareholders through maintaining a strong and independent element on the Board being able to exercise objective and independent judgment on corporate affairs.

Fairness and equitable treatment
Ensure the equitable treatment of all shareholders, including minority shareholders. BMA should ensure to effectively remedy the violation of all shareholders rights.

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