What documents should you have to be a BMA Trade Account Holder account Holder? Valid Computerized National Identity Card (either NICOP, CNIC) Copies of CNIC for joint or nominees if any and copies of CNIC referees

How Can I open my account?
Request BMA Trade to send account opening form or fill the account opening form available at BMA Trade website, duly sign off and send to BMA Trade Customer Services at BMA Trade Head Office Karachi along with ;
Relevant account opening documents and PO/DD/ local bank cheque in favor BMA Capital Management Limited or CDC Transfer Order in favor of BMA Trade.

Attested Copies of CNICs
a. Account Holder
b. Joint Account Holder (if any)
c. Nominee (if any)
d. Witnesses

Other documents
a. Power of Attorney
b. Zakat Declaration

How Can I Trade?
You will be couriered a BMA Trade Trading Terminal CD for java based desktop application or use BMA Trade web portal for order execution or alternatively you may also call on +92 21 111 262 872 or drop email at bmatrade@bmacapital.com

How Can I Withdraw Funds and Shares

You can use your terminal and initiate payment request or email us or send a letter requesting payment against your account balance to BMA Trade Customer Support.
Similarly in case of share transfer write letter to BMA Trade Customer Services and your shares will be transferred as per CDC regulatory framework upon you instructions

How Can Client contact Customer Services?

Clients residing either within or outside Pakistan can send an email at bmatrade@bmacapital.com detailing your query to us or by dialing +92 21 111 262 872 from outside Pakistan.

Clients already have a CDC Investor’s A/C, what is the procedure to transfer shares from CDC Investor’s A/C to my BMA Trade  Account
You will have to provide a CDC cheque (Transfer Order) in favor of  BMA Capital Management Limited”, our participant ID is 01826. Submit the cheque directly in the CDC and send us a copy of the cheque stating your BMA Trade user ID for follow up. As soon as your shares are received your BMA Trade account will be updated.

Can we have access to BMA Research?
Yes! BMA Trade clients can have direct access to BMA web research portal, as well as BMA emails its research and break outs to all clients on their registered email address.
Are there any other charges other than Trade Commission?
Yes! Besides Trade commission you will be charged with .03% of value of shares as a custody charges to your accounts and that amounts to Rs.30/- on account of 100,000/- per and monthly comes to Rs. 2.5/-.

Can My account be refused to be opened?
Yes, BMA Trade reserves the right to refuse any account without assigning any reason

Where do I send my deposits and correspondences?
You may send your cheque / Pay order/DD clearly crossed in favor of “BMA Capital Management Limited” by mail or drop it personally at BMA Capital office NO CASH is accepted by us or alternatively you can directly deposit same into Bank Alahabib any designated branch, for all sort of correspondence please write to following address;
BMA Trade Customer Services
11th Floor, UNI Tower
I.I. Chundrigar Road,
Karachi, Pakistan

How can I get my queries resolved?
You can call at our customer services department or can email at following
021-111-262-872, bmatrade@bmacapital.com