Corporate Briefing on Hub Power Company Limited

18 June, 2014

Karachi: BMA Capital Management Limited, Pakistan’s premier financial services group hosted a corporate briefing on Hub Power Company Ltd (HUBC) on Tuesday 17th June 2014. Mr. Khalid Mansoor, CEO Hub Power Company Limited, talked about the issues facing the Power sector and discussed the future plans of HUBC.

Mr. Mansoor highlighted the impact of various measures taken by the government to resolve the circular debt that has stretched the balance sheets of the power sector companies for many years. He discussed the importance of setting up coal based power plants in Pakistan and said the returns on offer are highly attractive. Mr. Mansoor highlighted that his company is pursuing a 660 MW coal based power plant to capitalize on the coal opportunity. He also shed light on HUBC’s recent efficiency improvement project and said that these initiatives will create long term value for the shareholders. Hub Power Company Limited has always remained the investment of choice for investors. Its stable dividend stream, backed by US dollar linked revenues and a cost pass through business model makes it a low risk investment.

The briefing was attended by analysts, fund managers CIOs and CEOs of top Mutual Funds, Insurance Companies and equity divisions of Banks. Audience had a keen interest in the company’s future dividend payout policy in the backdrop of expansion plans and timeline of completion of the efficiency improvement projects

Concluding the overall briefing, Mr. Fawaz Valiaani, Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer at BMA Capital said, “such corporate briefings pave the way for Research Analysts and Investors to get deep insights on the management’s views and their strategies to cope with challenges faced by their businesses. It strengthens investors’ confidence due to the management’s willingness to come and discuss the issues on an open platform”.

Usman Zahid, Head of Research at BMA Capital added “BMA Capital aims to continue conducting such corporate briefings in the future in order to complement the trust and bondage of our existing and prospecting stakeholders. It is an honor for BMA Research Team to be able to host such knowledgeable gatherings. We thank you for the continued trust and support, and assure you of our ‘top-notch’ services and corporate best practices”.

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