New Batch of Nurses takes Oath at the Kharadar General Hospital

22 April, 2015

KARACHI: 22 April, 2015: The 10th Lamp Lighting / Oath Taking Ceremony at the Kharadar General Hospital (KGH) School of Nursing marked the commencement of new batches of General Nursing and Pupil Midwifery (RM) Programs. KGH is selflessly serving the cause of humanity with dignity and affection since the last 70 years. The hospital mandates to start higher degree programs for nurses and technicians in the way to achieving excellence in service. Mrs. Saeeda M. Mandviwalla and Mr. Mehmood Mandviwalla, Barrister at Law made their presence as Chief Guests. Mr. Moazzam M. Malik, Chairman & CEO BMA Capital Management Limited was also present at this event.
Addressing the student nurses, Mr. M. Bashir Janmohammad, President, Kharadar General Hospital, lauded them for having chosen this noble and challenging profession. “Nurses are the backbone of medical profession. Nurses heal, comfort and monitor the patients with compassion and diligence. Nurses treat their work not as a profession but take it as a way of life. People may forget what they did or what they said but they will not forget how they felt.”
Mr. Mehmood Mandviwalla, told the students to be mindful of the huge social responsibility they shouldered and try to be the assets for the society. He extended his good wishes to them and said “Today is the day that marks an important turning point for all of you. Until today you have received a great deal of affection and loving feelings from people around you, but from now on you will be the one to give love and affection to those who need them most. You should always remember that the blessings of the Lord will always be there to guide you and I hope each and every one of you will be the light that brightens the people of the world.”
During the ceremony, the nursing students lit lamps signifying hope and love. They pledged to be committed to the respectable profession, to serve the ill, wherever and whenever needed, and to treat the patients with love, respect and dignity.

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